Made popular by tennis legend Andy Roddick this racket is an industry mainstay. Updated with Babolat's new HTR System, the Pure Drive's graphite layup has been reengineered for higher torsional rigidity, ... Write Your Review. Babolat Pure Drive Review. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 Review. Pure Drive lite is a high end tennis racket from one of the best tennis manufacturers Babolat. The Babolat Pure Drive VS is available to buy here including an exclusive 5% tennishead discount What do Babolat have to say “Pure Drive VS has been developed with a singular goal in mind: feature the same benefit players love about the Pure Drive while incorporating the pinpoint precision advanced players demand.” Could it be that one of the most beloved tennis rackets is named Pure Forehand? Head Size: 100in²/645cm² Length: 27in/ 68,5cm Weight: 11.7oz /332g Unstrung Weight: 11.11oz /315g Balance: 32.39cm / 6 pts HL Unstrung Balance: 31.5 cm /9 pts HL Swingweight: 327 String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Babolat. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Review: Summary The brand has added a couple of new features and technologies to the Pure Drive 2021 racket. Share. 目次 Babolat ピュアドライブ 2021のスペック Babolat ピュアドライブ 2021の特徴・インプレまとめ 使用感 フレームが硬くなったことで安定感アップ!よりクリアでブレない・粘れる打感に!ホールド感・乗り感で打球感・コントロール性アップ! ゆっくりラケットを振っても、ボールが伸びていきます。. パスっとしたクリアな打感. The Isothermal insulated compartment can fit 3 racquets. If you are looking for a terrific racket to change the game, then go with this one. スイートエリアは広いけど、打感はぼやけず、しっかりインパクトを感じることができました. Be the first to write something about this product. The Pure Drive is a modern legendary racquet. Pure Aero 2019 Racquets . Check Price Now. The Babolat Play Pure Drive is an excellent racket for getting to know your tennis game more in-depth. This racquet's impressive popularity since its debut in 1994 is mainly due to two things: its easy playability and its intoxicating power levels. The new backpack is especially unique because it features a 3 racquet capacity. Babolat. I’ve highlighted every feature and specs in detail. If I had to make the switch to this frame, the first thing I would do is add some weight to increase the swingweight and make the balance more head light, perhaps 9 points. BabolaT(バボラ)「PURE DRIVE 2018(ピュアドライブ 2018) BF101335」硬式テニスラケット(KPI)のレビュー・口コミ情報がご覧いただけます。商品に集まるクチコミや評価を参考に楽しいお買い物を!(2ページ目) The 2021 Pure Drive takes the game-changing racquet from Babolat to a new level of power and feel with advanced technological additions. is built solely for power while the Pure Aero is more aerodynamic – allowing it to move quicker through the air and generate more spin. When purchasing or checking a new tennis racquet, there are a variety of factors that can be helpful to consider. Babolat Pure Drive Powerful, stable, user-friendly and capable of mashing the ball at a moment’s notice. It has … With feedback from customers and players, Babolat launches the newest Pure Drive model aimed to please thousands. Mark - "Babolat did a great job refining this Pure Drive Tour without drastically altering it, with the exception of the HTR graphite configuration and the Pure Feel Cortex extending a bit farther up the throat. The Babolat Pure Aero was explicitly designed to be more aerodynamic than the Pure Drive. Playing with the Babolat Pure Drive 2018. It has more spin though, and while I find it less versatile, it serves rather well and has great feel on slices. Babolat Pure Drive Review Even since it came into the market in 1994, the Babolat Pure Drive got everyone's attention. Not only it has improved the feel of the implement but performance too. I was fortunate enough to really get to know the 2012 Babolat PureDrive. The power racquet, everything that brought Babolat to the forefront of the racquet world comes from the "easy pop" that is the Pure Drive series. Babolat is continuously releasing the updated version of their Pure Drive series every three years since their first launch. Time for my favorite part of the review: how the Babolat Pure Drive 2018 plays on the court. The reputation is based on high quality and advanced technology. The Babolat Pure Drive Lite 2018 is a fantastic version of Pure Drive racket line which serves as a user-friendly frame. 前バージョンとくらべて、面のブレが抑えられて 安定感が 増しています。. Babolat Pure Drive lite weighs only 275g (unstrung) thanks to graphite and tungsten materials used in the frame. It was intended to be used by players looking to create maximum amounts of spin potential. Após a remodelação da Pure Drive em 2018 e o lançamento do Pure Drive VS em 2019, a Babolat volta à prancheta de desenho para inovar seu modelo mais vendido mundialmente. The reputation is based on high quality and advanced technology. La raqueta Babolat Pure Drive mantiene su color azul frío y esta vez es un poco más claro. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Infórmate con nuestra detallada guía de compra y opinión. 【2021年最新】元テニスコーチが試打しておすすめ!人気テニスラケットランキング!, 【最新】走りやすく疲れにくいテニスシューズのおすすめ・人気モデルまとめ【メーカー・コート別】, 【DUNLOP・SRIXON】テニスラケットの特徴・選び方・おすすめまとめ!【評価・レビュー・インプレ】, 【2021年最新】テニス上級者におすすめ!人気ラケットランキング【スピン系・フラット系】, 【2021年最新】テニス中級者におすすめしたい人気テニスラケットまとめ【スピン系・フラット系】, 【2021年最新】元テニスコーチがおすすめ!テニス初心者向けラケットメーカーまとめ!, 【HEAD】テニスラケットの特徴・選び方・おすすめまとめ!【評価・レビュー・インプレ】, 【Babolat】テニスラケットの特徴・選び方・おすすめまとめ!【評価・レビュー・インプレ】, 【2020年最新】元テニスコーチおすすめ!人気ガットランキング15選【ポリエステル・ナイロン・ナチュラル】, 【DUNLOP】FX500 TOURの評価・レビュー・インプレまとめ【飛ぶけど硬くない】, 【wilson】BLADE 100 V7.0の評価・レビュー・インプレまとめ【日本限定スペック】, 【YONEX】EZONE 98 2020の評価・レビュー・インプレまとめ【打ち出す!差し込める!】, 【予約】【9月24日発売予定】 バボラ Babolat 硬式テニスラケット ピュアドライブ 2021 101436J, [ヘッド テニス ラケット]2020年07月下旬【予約】Graphene 360+ Extreme TOUR/グラフィン360+ エクストリーム ツアー(235310), バボラ(Babolat) 硬式テニス ラケット ピュア アエロ グリップサイズ2 (フレームのみ) 1年保証 [日本正規品] BF101353 2, 【テニス ラケット ヨネックス】2020年01月中旬 【予約】Eゾーン 98/EZONE 98(06EZ98). Getting to know the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive. Babolat 2017 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review. Not carrying a racquet? The Pure Drive makes power accessible to tons of playing styles thanks in part to the light 10.6 ounce unstrung weight, and spacious 100 square inch head. Based on weight, the Yonex EZONE 98 Tour and Head Radical Pro 2021 are comparable, with the Dunlop SX 300 Tour being the closest overall." This racquet's impressive popularity since its debut in 1994 is mainly due to two things: its easy playability and its intoxicating power levels. In addition to being exhaustively imitated by other brands, the Pure Drive epitomizes the speed, spin … The Pro Tour staple first made its appearance over 20 years ago. Babolat Pure Drive 2021. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 – Racket Review 4 months ago Peter . Saying an update to the Babolat Pure Drive is highly anticipated is like saying the sky is blue. Today I will be reviewing the new Babolat Pure Drive, for now there’s only one model for sale (this one) and the rest will come early next year. You're signed out. PURE DRIVE 2021 商品詳細 打球感 柔らかくなった 中身が詰まった打感に変化 面の安定性が良くなった ストローク パワーアシストをかなり感じる コントロールしやすい!スピン性能 かければかかる フラットドライブ向け ボレー かなりボレーがし 歴代のグチャっとした打感・バイーンとしたパワーアシストが無くなり、すっきりした打感・飛びが感じられます. Share: The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the, if not the, best and most popular racket models sold across the world over the last 10 years and it is easy to see why. This racquet's impressive popularity since its debut in 1994 is mainly due to two things: its easy playability and its intoxicating power levels. The 2021 Babolat Pure Drive retains the blue aesthetics it has long been known for. “The Babolat Pure Drive Team is a quality racket and i...” Written on: 17/06/2008. It has a lot of potential and a few downfalls. I prefer it on volleys and serves, as well. Babolat From its inception, the Pure Drive was built on delivering power and … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With a name like Pure Drive, you should expect pure power from this racquet. It just didn’t give me the solid feeling on court, it lacked power for my game. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); パワーアシストよりも、振り抜きの良さとコントロールを求めるなら「ピュアドライブVS」。, 回転量なら「ピュアドライブ」、フラット重視なら「FX500」がいいですね。打感がやわらかいのは「ピュアドライブ」でした。, 性能的には2つのピークを追求しつつも、初級者から上級者まで幅広くつかえるラケット!, 【実力派テニスブロガー】 41歳テニス未経験から6年でランキング3位(県年齢別)まで到達! 100歳まで生きそうなので100歳までテニスを楽しみたいギリ40代♂, バボラ「ピュアドライブVS」の試打をしてきました。黄金スペックのピュアドライブだと「どうしてもぶっ飛ぶときがあるなー」とか「ボレーがどうもしっくりこないなー」と、ぼくの場合は感じてしまうことかあります。そのあたりを念頭に「ピュアドライブVS」の感想をインプレ記事にしてみました!, 「FX500 」のインプレです!新生DUNLOPからの第3弾「FXシリーズ」。その中心モデル「FX500 TOUR」を試打してきました!, 回転系ラケットの王者「Babolatピュアアエロ」の試打をしてきました。新版の2019年モデルになって「柔らかくなって、使いやすくなった!」との評判はいかに?。他に類をみない「個性の際立つラケット」ピュアアエロのインプレ評価です。, ダンロップ「SX300」を実際に試打し、インプレ記事にしました!ダンロップ新SXシリーズの中核モデルで、REVO CV3.0の後継機種として発売されたSX300。黄金スペックの代表格ピュアドライブ、近年ダンロップの代表モデルCX200と比較し、SX300をレビューしています。, ピュアストライク100 最新2020/2019年モデルのインプレです。同シリーズのチームと比較し評価をしています。ピュアストライクシリーズは、コントロール系統のラケットですが、打ち応えがあり威力も出るのも特徴です。デザインも良く人気の高いピュアストライク100の実力は?, 最新2021 ピュアドライブ TOUR【インプレ評価】バボラ PURE DRIVE TOUR, 最新「ピュアドライブ TOUR 2021」のインプレです!2021年1月に発売開始となった最新ピュアドライブのツアーモデル。はたしてその実力は!?, 最新2021 ピュアドライブ TEAM【インプレ評価】バボラ PURE DRIVE TEAM, 最新ピュアドライブ2021の軽量バージョン「ピュアドライブTEAM」のインプレです!シリーズ3機種目の評価。全体として「インパクトでつかむ感じ」が増しています!, 最新2021 ピュアドライブ LITE【インプレ評価】バボラ PURE DRIVE LITE, 最新ピュアドライブ2021のさらなる軽量バージョン「ピュアドライブLITE」のインプレです!シリーズ4機種目の評価。軽量ラケットらしい使いやすさがありました!, ピュアドライブ・シリーズ 2021【インプレまとめ】TOUR/VS/TEAM/LITE, 2021年の新モデル各機種を試打したあと「ピュアドラ=パワーアシストMAX」のイメージがだいぶ変わりました。より強く感じたのは「ラケットの扱いやすさ!」インプレ記事のまとめです。, ダンロップが世界統一販売のために注力してきたCX200。発売開始から1年が経過しました。テニスコートでCXシリーズを使っている人の数は、まだまだ伸びている気配です。これまでぼくが行ってきたCXシリーズのインプレ・評価の記事を、発売開始から1年のタイミングを機に、まとめておこうと思います。, ピュアストライク16×19 最新2020/2019年モデルのインプレです。前バージョンやピュアストライク「チーム」との比較評価など、シンプルに分かりやすく解説しています。8月のピュアストライク「チーム」と「100」に続き3機種目のインプレです!, ピュアアエロシリーズのエントリーモデル「アエロG」のインプレです。初中級者用として販売されているアエロG。どんな特徴のテニスラケットか、実際に試打をして確かめてきました!, ダンロップCX200の軽量バージョン「CX200LS」のインプレ・評価です。軽量アスリートモデルと位置づけされているSRIXON開発のダンロップCX200LS。実際に打った感触と、他のラケットと比べた印象などをレポートしています。, ヨネックス「VCORE PRO 97」のインプレです。もしぼくがフラット系のボールを主体にしていたら、きっと「VCORE PRO 97」をメインラケットに使っていただろうなーと思う1本です!, どのテニスラケットを購入するか、すごく迷いますよね。楽しみながらラケットを選択するコツを紹介します。ラケットに求めるものや感じ方は人それぞれ自由です。だからこそ楽しみながら、あなたの基準と優先順位を設定してください。. Built for explosive power and exceptional feel, this innovative frame will take your game to the next level. © 2021 Net Tennis Log All rights reserved. We gave the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 a great score of 8.5 out of 10 for the serve. Racquet Review: Babolat Pure Drive 107 by: Jon Levey | January 20, 2015 Tags: The Pro Shop , Racquets 2012 Babolat Pure Drive Review. It is a suitable and beneficial racket for any player looking for the lighter version of the Pure Drive Rackets. Saying an update to the Babolat Pure Drive is highly anticipated is like saying the sky is blue. Strings: Babolat RPM Power blue at 51-52lbs The Pure Drive is and has always been made for power and spin, suited for a modern style player or someone who needs extra pace on the ball. 0. Without further ado, let’s get to it! ピュアドライブ2015をインプレ!. Babolat has chosen a blue and light blue theme for its newest bags Pure Drive Bag line. The 2012 Babolat Pure Drive (Roddick, Plus, Standard versions available) was released at the beginning of the 2012 tennis season. Even since it came into the market in 1994, the Babolat Pure Drive got everyone's attention. Brand: Babolat Dunlop Head Prince Tecnifibre Volkl Wilson Yonex. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. My only criticism was a lack of stability on impact and a pingy feel. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket has been given a face-lift for the 2021 season. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With full swings from the baseline, the updated Pure Drive provides plenty of pop and power to any ball you hit. Discover our Pure Drive 110 - Unstrung, The Pure Drive 110 has an even larger head size for players looking for easy power performance, lightness and comfort. This has also helped both users and the manufacturer understand the player’s needs and expectations by gradually improving their Racism even more. Tennis, Babolat Tennis Rackets, Popular Tennis Racket Reviews. Filter. Babolat Pure Drive Plus (extended length) Tennis Racquet Review (2021) 6:09. February 1, 2021 admin Leave a comment. Sigue leyendo para descubrir todo acerca de esta raqueta. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 Review written by TN November 27, 2017 I finally got the chance to play a couple of hours with the new Babolat Pure Drive and although it’s not usually a racquet I gravitate towards, but it was for sure a fun and inspiring hit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Babolat Pure Drive GT Tennis Racquet 4 1/4 - Unstrung at Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. And it s got reflective logos so you re more visible as you commute to the courts. In theory, the Pure Drive Tour should be the perfect upgrade for me, as it has a little bit more weight at 315g as opposed to the 300g of the regular Pure Drive. The forehand stroke in Spanish tennis jargon is known as the “drive”. 【最高のパワー】 Babolat PURE DRIVE (ピュアドライブ)2021 インプレ・評価・レビュー 黄金スペックの金字塔、ピュアドライブ2021年モデルをインプレ! 前作は反発力はありましたが、抑えが効かずに暴発してしまう事が多かったですが、今作はどうなっているのか? Since it's inception, it has inspired players to push their boundaries and inspired other racquet manufacturers with it's once-unique shape. Pure Drive lite is a lightweight tennis racket best suited for women professionals who seek the best balance between comfort and power. 2020年6月4日 【Babolat】ピュアドライブVSの評価・レビュー・インプレまとめ【圧倒的完成度の高さ! Babolat ピュアアエロ バボラ(Babolat) 2019 ピュアアエロ(300g)(海外正規品) 101354 硬式テニスラケット フレームのみ G2 Babolat's Pure Drive VS is the long-awaited prize for players who have been longing for a more control-oriented, 98-square-inch Pure Drive. The brand adds a new lay-up … The 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Lite Racket is an excellent model of the Babolat Pure Drive Racket series. Discover our Backpack Pure Drive, The backpack Pure Drive lets you pack your tennis essentials in style, without compromising function. Bablot has been manufacturing racquets since 1875 and have become a legendary brand since then. See what our playtesters thought about this new Tweet. No customer reviews have been added yet! Copyright © 2019-2021 ほっとテニス All Rights Reserved. The Babolat Pure Drive 2018 very light in weight and features some fantastic designs. The Pro Tour staple first made its appearance over 20 years ago. It is a very popular tennis gear on the market. The Babolat Pure Drive Team is a quality racket and i might get it!!!! They include weight, length, head size, frame stiffness, and materials. Babolat Pure Drive Powerful, stable, user-friendly and capable of mashing the ball at a moment’s notice. That’s what fans of the Babolat Pure Drive have come to expect of the hugely popular frame. Find out more with our detailed buying and feedback guide. Table of Contents. Continuing the theme of the playtest, I think the new Pure Drive is a slight improvement on the old one, with better dampening. 0 Shares. Prestrung Nadal 26 . January 12, 2021. Babolat Pure Drive Review. Product Review - Babolat Pure Drive 2021. The Pure Aero also has good power, though less than the Pure Drive. It looks good and there strings are awesome and have great amount of tension for lots of power. 前作よりも飛び控えめ. On the other side of the spectrum is the Babolat Pure Drive, which was … This is the first update to the Pure Drive line of racquets since 2015, so we should have lots to discuss in this review. Grip Size. 1 Technical Details; 2 The Good; 3 The Bad; 4 Material & Construction; 5 Overall Performance; 6 Who is it for; Technical Details. Drive Max 110 comes with a unique Cortex system which is located just above its grip and helps to absorb all the vibrations. Babolat Pure Drive has proven to be the go to racquet for many tennis players. Our Review . By Robby. Racquet Finder. Babolat Pure Drive Review 2021. The Babolat Pure Aero is lighter than its counterpart, the Aero Pure Drive, adding to the playability and comfort level for all players, particularly those just starting. The frame, with its aerodynamic design, gives players a whole new level of shot selection possibilities. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Babolat-Pure Drive Tour Tennis Racquet-(3324921534817) at 最新ピュアドライブ. Isso mesmo. They’ve carried over some popular features such as insulated compartments, and removable shoulder straps, and added some new wrinkles like the water saving dye-free bag lining. Pin. Case in point: I hit one forehand with a Pure Drive and bought two the next day. 4.5/5 These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Just released in the fall of 2017, the much anticipated 2018 version of the Babolat Pure Drive is now here. To sum up my review of the new 2012 Babolat Pure Drive; looks nice, but lacks plenty on court. Share. The Good The Babolat Play Pure Drive adds electronics without changing the design of the racket, it has long battery life, and it offers a lot of information about … I played with the Babolat Pure Drive recently and got on with it reasonably well. Players need to generate more of their own power with their swing while using the Pure Aero versus the Pure Drive – which provides plenty of power through it’s head and strings. Check out our review on the brand new 2021 Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet. The Babolat 2021 Pure Drive features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world. Below is a detailed review of Babolat Drive Max 110. Personalmente estoy un poco confundido. Even 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2. Saying an update to the Babolat Pure Drive is highly anticipated is like saying the sky is blue. Return – 7.5/10 The return is probably one area where you really don’t need the huge power potential of the Babolat Pure Drive. Players of all categories will appreciate the dynamic experience these racquets provide with their trademark power and spin-friendly potential. バボラ (Babolat) BACKPACK PURE DRIVE (バックパック ピュアドライブ) テニス用 ブルー 32×77×20cm 753089 5つ星のうち4.6 16 ¥6,732 ¥6,732 ¥9,900 ¥9,900 飛ばすことに苦労しない !. Although loved for its ability to make you feel like you're crushing the ball, it has also been maligned by some for its high stiffness levels. 今回はBabolat ピュアドライブ 2021の使用感インプレ・レビュー記事になります!, Babolat ピュアドライブ 2021が気になっている方は参考にしてみてくださいね。, 球離れの速さは健在なんですけど、なんか乗る感じというか、グッと食う感じがあるんですよね。, 今作のピュアドライブは硬い面で飛ばしてるよりもグッとつかんでバーン!と打ち出すタイプの飛びなので、, 基本的にフラットドライブ向けのラケットですが、スピンのかかりは結構いいと思います。, 振られたときは粘り強く拾え、しっかり打ち込んでいけば強力なスピードボールが打てます。, 打感のやわらかさ、乗り感が出た効果か、浮くことなく滑るようなスライスが打てました。, 思ったところに打てる、使用者の意思をうまく表現してくれるラケットになってるなと感じました。, スライスタッチでも低く滑らせられるし、なんとなく収まりが良くなってるように感じました。, 現行モデルのほうが飛びが強く感じるので、うまく収められるのであれば現行の方が、速いサーブが打てます。, ピュアドライブ2021はサーブの重さ、回転系サーブの威力がかなり上がったように感じます。, 差し込まれる感じは現行の方がありますが、新作は受けるとやや弾かれる感じがしたので、, いずれにせよ使用ハードルが下がり、よりオールラウンダーな使用感になったピュアドライブ2021は、, しばらくは入手困難、品薄が予想されるので、お店の確保分がなくなる前に早めに予約してくださいね!. Fans have been waiting for the Pure Drive will not be disappointed. The Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is more dampened and feels more comfortable than the predecessor. The beam has an open string pattern and a fast feel. I like to think so, as it only took one “pure drive” for me to fall in love with this racket. Born in 1994, the Babolat Pure Drive is no ordinary piece of graphite. そして しっかりした打感 。. 2012 Babolat Pure Drive – Roddick’s choice. Dos compañeros míos comentaron lo bien que se veía mientras que otro amigo pensó que se parecía a un juguete de plástico en su aspecto y en su tacto. Babolat. ピュアドライブシリーズ(2021年モデル)やテニス用品の通販・販売はテニスショップLAFINO(ラフィノ)へ 重量を270gに設定した扱いやすいオールラウンドモデル 【予約品】テニスラケット バボラ (babolat) ピュアドライブ ライト ウィンブルドン(PURE DRIVE LITE WIMBLEDON) 101462 The Pure Drive has more power, good access to spin, and I've found is quite versatile. The Babolat Pure Drive (see our review here!) That’s what fans of the Babolat Pure Drive have come to … やっぱ 飛びが最高 !. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 […] Even though I grew up playing with the Overall a great racket… Read Full Review Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquets View more Adult or Junior Tennis Racquets from Babolat. Discuss: Babolat Play Pure Drive review: Get motivated to play more, if not better, tennis Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. 2012以前のモデルと対照的!. だけど 意外と収まる !. Conheça a nova raquete Babolat Pure Drive 2021. My spec was quite cumbersome to swing for a racquet that is supposed to be a game-improvement frame, but it’s probably just a standard quality control issue. I remember Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters used this racket in the 2000s. This makes it practical for better handling and also, allows players to go after their shots with confidence. Creates more power on every shot (even off-centered) Versatile racquet that offers easy access to spin Pure feel on every shot Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket has been given a face-lift for the 2021 season. La raqueta Babolat Pure drive 2021 de la prestigiosa marca de Babolat ha tenido un fuerte impacto en la industria del tenis, sobre todo en la tecnología implementada. But with the wide range of brands out there, this simple task can become daunting very quickly. ピュアドライブ2015 の特徴として、本作から搭載された FSIグロメットによる使用感の大幅変更 があげられます. There is an improvement in the spin and speed of the Babolat Pure Drive Lite 2018 Racket. When it comes to choosing some of the top tennis rackets, Babolat 2017 Pure Drive is probably the best option for you. 50. The Babolat Pure drive racket 2021 from the prestigious Babolat brand has had a strong impact on the tennis industry, especially in the technology implemented.

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