There was just nothing like it, a beautiful dark female operatic singer with metal and pop elements. Indeed, big feelings have been par for the course throughout Evanescence’s discography. Published On April 16, 2014 admin. Can we just not kill anything?” he asked. Melodic post-hardcore crew Holding Absence hit The K! When I first went on tour, to a festival, on TV, there were no women. The first time I was six, so the processing was very different. She can barely hide her excitement as she talks about working with them on Use My Voice. Now, in 2020, Taylor, alongside Halestorm​’s Lzzy Hale, Within Temptation​’s Sharon den Adel and more, appears on the backing chorus of Use My Voice. “Well, not the best singer, but you know what I mean? Tiempo: 20:51 Subido 16/09 a las 01:19:08 56566706 “This is so much bigger than policy,” she begins. Asking those type of questions is something I’ve always done in our music, but it had been a while since it had been fresh. Amy Lee, who has a song called Pickle Mustard to get back to. Escucha y descarga los episodios de EvTod Noticias gratis. While Amy has no regrets that she hasn’t been more outspoken previously (“It happened when it had to happen…”), she accepts that some Evanescence fans could feasibly become casualties of her convictions. A few years down the line, The Pretty Reckless’ first opening tour was provided by – you guessed it – Evanescence. Perspective is a powerful thing, it made me a better writer, it made me a more compassionate person. added by abcd. “Seventy per cent,” says Amy, her upward inflection making it sound more like a question than a concrete statement. That much becomes clear when, at the start of our interview, Kerrang! While Amy has long enjoyed a multi-platinum career using her voice – one of the most singular in rock – she’s learning to leverage its power in new ways in 2020, both on and off record. A big one is the shift of focus from albums to songs. Indeed, back in the early ​‘00s, Amy was cognisant that, simply by virtue of being a woman in an otherwise male rock band, her image or gender might even distract attention away from her talent. Watch the video for Mammoth WVH’s new single Don’t Back Down – featuring Wolfgang Van Halen performing every instrument on the track. We need to take a step back from our self-importance. Interview with Amy Lee of Millionaire Chess – Aug. 12/14 As part of our … Read More Amy’s MC interview #3 – Aug. 12/14. “We met each other once last year,” says Amy. ​“When we see somebody survive through the unimaginable, it gives us hope that we can, too. I pick out which PJ pants I’m gonna wear today and eat an avocado for breakfast. She can relate. Beyond that it's hard to always be productive when things are such a mess. “It’s okay, I was kind of stuck anyway,” Amy smiles, reclining on a sofa in her Nashville home, nursing a cup of black tea. The music that we make is just the sound of my feelings and there are a lot of big feelings, so it’s a strong sound.”, Hear Amy Lee discuss “self-acceptance” in all aspects of her life. This is precisely why The Bitter Truth is yet to receive an official release date, Amy being reluctant to tether Evanescence to a fixed point in time when inspiration is still striking daily. So I thought about the songs we had finished already, and "Wasted on You" was coming from a place that really felt like what we were suddenly going through, so we went with that one first instead. Yes. In so many different, frustrating ways, the even playing field Amy desired didn’t exist. ​“I am full of a new sense of purpose. Pit in association with Nordic Spirit at Blondies, our favourite East London dive bar. ​“I’m going to get back to it after this.”, The song in question is the latest addition to Evanescence​’s highly-anticipated upcoming album The Bitter Truth – their first record of all-new material since 2011’s self-titled release. I had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity, to relearn that this is not all that I am, that I am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster.”. What, we wonder, would make a good title for a film about Evanescence’s journey. In a world exclusive joint interview with Metal Hammer, the bands’ two singers, Amy Lee and Sharon Den Adel, have revealed that they only met for the first time last year, and that they got on like a house on fire. I usually make dinner, or we grill while Jack plays outside. And now there are, both behind the scenes and onstage. Evanescence’s The Bitter Truth will be released later this year. Help this celebrity reach the TOP in all RANKINGS on the Internet! Like life. “I am somebody who’s been through some very, very difficult moments, for my age at least,” she continues. wonders if his passing changed her perspective on life, and if both her grief and love for her brother will find expression on any new songs? “As a nine- or 10-year-old girl, I looked up to Amy,” Taylor tells K!. This is about wanting love, freedom and justice for all the people who aren’t getting that. There’s no holding back. For me, that has been the most healing thing. Hence, for the release of Use My Voice, Evanescence teamed up with to promote voter registration in America, while the protest-centric video notably includes Amy staring out of a window bearing the reflection of the White House. He’s awesome and I feel guilty about it but I just LOVE SLEEP and I can’t stop taking advantage. For me, thinking about my brother is part of my every day. But I don’t have to feel like I need to make an album just to release a song. I was so hit by the fact that the clear, simple, uncomplicated truth of her experience was stronger than any weapon they could have used against her. Not as a ​‘woman musician’, not as ​‘the best female singer’, but ​‘the best singer’.”. At times it was hard to tell whether it was just because she was young, or specifically because she was a woman. Very much on the same page is Lzzy, who also appears on Use My Voice. ​“But at the same time, I had very strong feelings about the sexualisation part from the get-go.”. She promises songs with ​“score-like drama” and ​“aggressive power”. ​‘If we don’t talk about it, we keep on drowning in it,’ she sings at one point in Use My Voice. We are coming to a point where we really need to get together to get it done. I’m going to have to look back on this and go, ​‘This is what you did or didn’t stand for.’ If this is a time when I was just quiet, I don’t think I’d ever be able to forgive myself. Amy Lee <3. It’s made me really happy to see people excited about the new music. It sparked something in me. 6 years ago | 18 views. Acutely self-aware as always, Amy catches herself here – her face screwing up into a wince as she realises how cocky this might sound. politely enquires as to whether we’re distracting her from anything important. ​“It’s horrible.”, “I just don’t like to kill stuff. Don’t be too pretty. ​“It’s hard to say because I’m still writing.”. 1m Followers, 77 Following, 266 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Amy (@amylee) Up until her, I had to reach back to my parent’s generation of women in rock for inspiration. That gives me hope.”, Here are some things you might care to know about The Bitter Truth as it nears completion. Also, you have to live life before you can sing about it. Am I culturally cynical? Brown & Mark Horton/Getty Images. Just how close is it to being done? You know, I spend a lot of time thinking about songs I’m writing in terms of sound and vibe and letting that guide what happens lyrically to some degree. The most important thing is that everybody feels empowered to use their voice and not be afraid or think it doesn’t matter, won’t count or is going to be rigged. So…. ​“It’s such a silly thing, but then again it’s not, because the sentiment is so righteous and pure. While new lyrical inspiration has come to bear between the start of recording and the present, the basic premise for Evanescence’s new album remains the same.​, “It’s a rock record,” Amy affirms. The perspective is very valuable, but I’d rather not have it. In the summer of 2003, you could not turn on a radio station anywhere in the world without hearing the tough screams and soulful soprano of Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life." Even pre-pandemic, I wanted to do this in a different way. ​“I’m still writing a lot of lyrics, but it’s all just very deeply from the heart on all kinds of things.”. ​“We do get left out of the recap when it all boils down. politely enquires as to whether we’re distracting her from anything important. “Amy embodied and represented all the girls that were just like me,” she explains. It was Miller who first inspired Amy to write Use Your Voice – the notion of someone’s words cutting through lies like a razor quickly became a galvanising one. And an even bigger eruption of laughter. After all that time, struggle, money and fighting, the most powerful thing were the words she said. That much becomes clear when, at the start of our interview, Kerrang! Do you want to reward all this work? She lived there for 12 years with her husband (and later their son, born in 2015), before they left their apartment for Nashville a year ago. “Within Temptation were very sweet and came to one of our concerts.” That is the biggest thing perspective-wise.”, “I hope so,” she says. ​“I can feel myself saying things he would have said. Amy Lee expresses her fulfilment of making 'Dream Too Much' and why 'Stand By Me' is her favorite track. I literally took that statement, read it like three times, and then put pen to paper.”. What about the song do you think resonates so much right now? Styles and inspirations change, and we’re always going to be trying new things, but we know who we are and aren’t going to lose that. ​“I hope we can deliver everything the fans could expect, and more. Taking a bunch of hardship and spinning it into something beautiful – how do you put that into a title? Do I like minor chords? We can do whatever, whenever. Amy Lee is feeling very ​“fuelled” right now. But do I sing about sad shit? This is a legacy Amy is deeply proud of, and one she very much intends to build upon. So we skip from song to song, feeling to feeling, short attention span, all that. Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee has revealed that the success of the band’s 2003 debut Fallen was overshadowed by fears for the health of her brother.. “A president who calls a press conference in the middle of a nationwide outcry, only to try to change the subject and not even mention the murder of George Floyd and the immeasurable injustices that came before it, on top of his threatening, racist tweet,” she vented back in May via Facebook. There are beautiful things that can come out of pain. There have been a lot of music biopics lately, from Straight Outta Compton to Rocket Man and The Dirt. The more votes your celebrities get, the higher their position! ​“Garbage media!”. At the time, Lzzy says she didn’t relate to ​“normal” girls – she even went through ​“interventions” at school because she insisted on wearing black and listening to Alice Cooper. Amy Lee speaks about "the Christian thing" CONTROVERSY around mainstream band Evanescence and their brief association with the Christian music industry was touched on in US trade magazine Billboard for 16th September when Amy Lee was asked if she considered Evanescence a Christian band. But I also collect tiny plastic food and love Tenacious D and there’s a duck quacking on our second album just for fun. Past, present, and future all at once. Amy Lee misses Brooklyn. “And now I don’t kill bugs,” she grins. I mean, I stuck with cassettes a full five years after CDs became standard. Far from a disservice, however, one of the most overlooked aspects of Evanescence’s impact on rock is, well, just how big an impact they actually had on the next generation of bands. Ten syllables and nothing more than that. ​“And if you listen to the music that came after her you can easily hear the direct influence she had. “You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me,” said Miller. Not when there are millions of people following me.”. Completely reformed into a special new thing. Amy Lee has been in the music industry for over two decades, forming Evanescence at just 14 before being thrust into the public eye in her early 20s. Amy Lee-Interview. Amy Lee was always told her signature hit was “too feminine.” On new album Synthesis, she’s finally singing it the way she always wanted. Ahead of the release of Evanescence’s new album, The Bitter Truth, vocalist Amy Lee discusses My Immortal, the legendary, mysteriously awful fanfiction named after her hit song. Taylor Momsen was just a kid when her father bought her the band’s debut Fallen. In an interview with MTV, posted on their website on August 10, 2006, Lee announced that Tim McCord, former Revolution Smile guitarist, would switch instruments and play bass for the band. Amy Lee doesn’t mince her words. Indeed, it seems the stage is very much set for Evanescence to deliver their most powerful album yet – the latest chapter in one of rock’s biggest success stories. And part of that has to do with how the album is still a living, growing thing, as it is being slowly released. Live Zoom interviews, performance streams, all the DIY tech I have to do for promo now is killing me. This sentiment is precisely what prompted her recent candid Facebook post in which she dissected women’s status in rock music compared to all the ​“tatted up riffmeisters”. But now, almost two decades later, Evanescence is back with a new single that is getting some of the band's best reviews yet. Amy Lee, who is done being silent. Amy Lee Interview. ​“I’ve ended up standing up to a lot of really hard things in my life after writing lyrics. Interview with Amy Lee on her work for the movie 'Blind' starring Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore. I’d rather he be here more than anything. It was the most inspiring, powerful thing. Amy Lee-Interview. Amy Lee recalls the process of Evanescence being apart and coming back together to quarantine and make music.

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