I titoli alternativi sono indicati fra parentesi. Angeli nel blu. The white In 1960 she recorded her first 7" single with Cetra Records: Édith Piaf's song "Milord". [110] In 1995, the album was released in Japan. [148] She also dated film star Luigi Pistilli for four years; Pistilli's subsequent suicide was purported to be at least partly due to the ending of their relationship. Angeli - Una storia d'amore (Italian) 0 references . Milva's albums were certificated gold and platinum in West Germany. Having received success both in Italy and internationally, she remains to this day one of the most popular Italian personalities in the fields of music and theatre. [110] Milva had previously worked with James Last, who arranged a cover of Manos Haddidakis' Greek folksong The Children of Piraeus, popularly known in English as Never on Sunday, which she sang in German and was released on James Last's 1982 album Nimm mich mit, Käpt'n James, auf die Reise, under the title of Ein Schiff wird kommen. : Il boia sul patibolo), Una notte a Chicago, in Sei notti di mistero, GM 2201, 1991 (tit.alt. [139], Milva was made Knight (Chevalier) of the National Order of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic in 2009. Maria Ilva Biolcati, OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [maˈriːa ˈilva bjolˈkaːti]; born 17 July 1939), known as Milva [ˈmilva], is an Italian singer, stage and film actress, and television personality. Io canto; Gente; Destinazione paradiso; E ritorno da te; Medley: Dove sei/ Mi libre canción /Come il sole all'improvviso (francia változat/ Benedetta Passione [54], The title song, Ich hab' keine Angst, is based on Vangelis' composition To the Unknown Man, a song which, in French, would become the title of her next album of 1981, Moi, je n'ai pas peur, which was released in France, and covered the songs included on the German release. a.k.a. [89] In this album, Milva performed nine new versions of songs written and composed by Battiato that she had previously recorded in 1989, in addition to two newly composed songs. television film. [96], On 3 October 1990, Milva released the German language studio album, Ein Kommen und Gehen. [44][45] In 1979, the album La Mia Età, the Italian-language counterpart of Von Tag zu Tag was released. The overall theme of the album was coffee, with songs arranged and presented in a belle époque and nuevo tango style. The album, however, only saw a limited release. On 27 February 2007, she performed The Show Must Go On at the 2007 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, finishing the 57th edition of the competition in 16th place. [50], In the course of the same year, Milva released the multilingual compilation album Milva International in which she sang in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Geheimnisse produced two 7" singles; Du gibst mir mehr/Etwas mehr and Deine Frau/Arie, both released in West Germany on the Metronome label in 1986.[79][80]. The color also characterizes her leftist political beliefs, claimed in numerous statements. [6], In 1962 Milva was the first singer to sing Édith Piaf's repertoire at the prestigious Olympia theatre in Paris. [93] The album was also released as Una Storia Inventata [Eine erfundene geschichte] in Germany. [40], In 1977, Milva released the studio album Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume, an album composed of popular German film and cabaret standards, including a version of Lili Marleen and Tango notturno. [111] Milva had previously covered the song in Italian, twice. On the album, she performed the song Barley Road in Korean. [9] In the same year, she also appeared in the film Canzoni a tempo di twist, an Italian film directed by Stefano Canzio. [26], In 1972, Milva appeared in the Italian film D'amore si muore, directed by Carlo Carunchio, starring in the role of Leyla. [143] Milva had previously collaborated with Battiato on her 1982 Italian album Milva e dintorni, and its French-language counterpart released the same year, as well as on her 1989 album Svegliando l'amante che dorme (released and known as Una storia inventata [Eine Erfundene Geschichte]) in Germany,[144] and Una storia inventada, its Spanish-language counterpart. Effigie, 2010; Piccolo destino, εκδ. a.k.a. The album was released in Italy, Germany and Argentina. (storia d'amore) • (storia ... La storia è una scienza sociale ed umana che non può esimersi dal comprendere perché è responsabile di studiare i processi sociali: essa infatti deve spiegare i fatti e gli eventi del passato, sia per la conoscenza in sé, sia perché ci aiuta a comprendere il presente (Miguel de Cervantes ha definito la storia, una maestra di vita). [11], From 30 April to 4 May 1963, Milva was a television presenter on the Italian variety show Il Cantatutto. [67], On 1 January 1985, she released the studio album Mut zum Risiko, an album containing schlager and europop musical styles. [82][83] Following the success of Wenn der Wind sich dreht, Milva recorded an Italian version of the song called Vento di Mezzanotte, which was released as a 7" single by the same name, under the Metronome label, in the Netherlands. a.k.a. "Gesualdo ja kuoleman varjot" (Finland: Finnish title) a.k.a. Amongst the songs performed on the album were La Cumparsita, A Media Luz (Guardando intorno a te) and Adios, Pampa Mía. The Loser), (postumo), The Poor Girl, capitolo dell'incompiuto Blues of a Lifetime (postumo), La povera ragazza, in Questa notte, da qualche parte a New York, Kowalski, 2009, Even God Felt The Depression, capitolo dell'incompiuto Blues of a Lifetime (postumo), Anche Dio sentiva la Depressione, in Questa notte, da qualche parte a New York, Kowalski, 2009, EQAG, Ellery Queen presenta Autunno Giallo, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. The film was entered into the 12th Berlin International Film Festival. Milva has participated 15 times in the famous music festival, held annually, tying the record for most participations along with Peppino di Capri and Toto Cutugno.[149]. "Gdzieskolwiek jest, jeslis jest" (Poland: Polish title) In Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, she covered a version of the title song, known in English as "Yours Is My Heart Alone" or "You Are My Heart's Delight", an aria from the 1929 operetta The Land of Smiles (Das Land des Lächelns), with music composed by Franz Lehár and libretto by Fritz Löhner-Beda and Ludwig Herzer [de], arranged by James Last. [56] The film was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival. [106], In 1995, Milva starred in the Werner Herzog television film Gesualdo: Death for Five Voices (Tod für fünf Stimmen), in a film inspired by the life and music of Carlo Gesualdo, portraying the role of Maria d'Atalos, the adulterous wife murdered by Gesualdo along with her lover. Among the songs featured on the album was Bertolt Brecht's Kälbermarsch, a parody of the song Horst Wessel Lied. [18] Its German-language counterpart was thereafter recorded and would be released in the upcoming year. is based on a text written by philosopher Manlio Sgalambro. She also covered Bizet's Habanera, recorded as L’Ultima Carmen in French and in Italian, and as Die Letzte Carmen, recorded in French and in German, in a synthpop arrangement. instance of. "Onde Quer que Estejas" (Portugal: Portuguese title) Tra te e il mare : 2001: E ritorno da te Una storia che vale. Language Label Description Also known as; English: No label defined. title. In the album, she covered Julio Iglesias' "Abrázame", a Spanish language pop standard rewritten with German lyrics, titled as Komm halt mich Fest, as well as an Italian-language cover of John Denver's Perhaps Love. Μίκης Θεοδωράκης = Alexia . in which she performed Andrew Lloyd Webber's Don't Cry for Me Argentina from the musical Evita, in Italian, titled as Non pianger più Argentina, which was the album's lead single. [35] The song Monica delle bambole was its lead single, released in 7" format in Italy and Yugoslavia. [137], On 2 March 2007, Milva released the studio album In territorio nemico, an Italian-language album written, composed and produced by Giorgio Faletti. a.k.a. From 1973 to 1980, Milva was on tour (Italy, USA, Greece, France, Germany, Canada, Russia and Japan) with the band "I Milvi" composed by Neno Vinciguerra on piano, Franco Paganelli on guitar, Claudio Barontini on bass, Giovanni Martelli on drums and Marco Gasperetti on flute. Milva & James Last – Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, in which she sings a number of pop ballads and classical-oriented pieces in German, Italian and French. Right in the Middle of New York), Il pomeriggio di un truffatore, in appendice a Buon anno, Marlene, di George Baxt, GM n.2344, 2 gennaio 1994, Nelle fauci del leone, in Musica dalle tenebre, Mondadori, 1982, Un mazzo di rose rosse, in L'impronta dell'assassino, GM n.2269, 1992, GM n.1409, 2018, Gli occhi dell’anima, in Apocalisse gialla, Mondadori, 1974, Se dovessi morire prima di svegliarmi, in L'impronta dell'assassino, GM n.2269, 1992, GM n.1409, 2018, Qualcuno al telefono, in Apocalisse gialla, Mondadori, 1974, Nellie from Zelli's, 1937 (tit.alt. "She Got What She Asked For" (UK: English title) [63], 1983 additionally saw the release of the original cast recording of the German ballet chanté Die sieben Todsünden der Kleinbürger (The Seven Deadly Sins [of the Petty Bourgeoisie]), which had been recorded in Berlin in January 1981. 1 reference. a.k.a. Milva had already worked with Mikis Theodorakis two years earlier, when she recorded Von Tag zu Tag and La Mia Età. 26-giu-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Storia d'amore" di Marta Biagioli su Pinterest. She has collaborated with European composers and musicians such as Ennio Morricone in 1965, Francis Lai in 1973, Mikis Theodorakis in 1978 (Was ich denke became a best selling album in Germany), Enzo Jannacci in 1980, Vangelis in 1981 and 1986, Franco Battiato in 1982 and 1986. In 1990, the Italian version of the album was released in Japan under the original Italian title but contained two additional tracks that were not present on the original Italian release; Via lattea and Centro di gravità permanente, the latter of which is a duet with Battiato. [32], 1972 additionally saw the release of her compilation album La filanda e altre storie. [71] The album produced the single Marinero, an italo-disco pop song sung in English, released in Italy, Germany, Japan and Spain in various 7" and 12" formats. Una storia moderna: l'ape regina: 1965 Саро Урці : Спокушена і покинута: Sedotta e abbandonata: 1966 Ніно Манфреді: Цього разу поговоримо про чоловіків: Questa volta parliamo di uomini: 1967 Тото: Птахи великі і малі: Uccellacci e uccellini: 1968 Джан Марія Волонте: Кожному своє: Einaudi ragazzi ISBN 9788879262903; Storia di Ulisse e Argo εκδ. The album was released on the Ricordi label in Italy, Germany and Japan. In addition to other classical pieces composed by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Czech composer Antonín Dvořák, all of which were arranged by James Last for the album, Milva covers some pop ballads, including a German interpretation of American recording artist Richard Marx's Now and Forever, under the title Immer und Ewig. Mikis Theodorakis", "√ Albano, duetto con Milva e un po' di polemica", "Milva / Orchestra Haydn Di Bolzano E Trento – La Chanson Francaise", "Milva – Sono Nata Il 21 A Primavera – Milva Canta Merini", "Repertorio del Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Milva canta Merini", "Brecht, Piaf e Morricone I classici di Milva la rossa", "Il Resto Del Carlino – Ferrara – Il talento di Milva supera i confini Legion d'Onore per la Pantera di Goro", "Ticinonline – Musica:Milva riceve la Legion d'onore", "Milva – Non Conosco Nessun Patrizio! "Celluloide" (Italy: Original title) a.k.a. La mia risposta: 2000: Tra te e il mare Il mio sbaglio più grande Fidati di me Volevo dirti che ti amo. a.k.a. [76][77], Shortly after the release of Tra due sogni, Milva recorded a German version of the album, entitled Geheimnisse, which was released on the Metronome label. I titoli alternativi sono indicati fra parentesi. "O dromos ton dolofonon" (Greece: Greek title) Amongst the other songs that composed the album were Italian-language versions of the marching song John Brown's Song, the Spanish Los cuatro generales, and Fischia il vento, an Italian popular song based on the music of the Russian popular song Katyusha.[17]. Email This … It was released in Germany, Austria, Japan and South Korea,[53] and produced the German 7" single Ich hab' keine Angst/Christine. [42] The album was released in Germany as Lieder Zwischen den Kriegen. a.k.a. [10], In February, Milva participated in the Sanremo Musical Festival of 1962, competing with Tango italiano, a jazz-infused song written by Bruno Pallesi and Walter Malgoni. In 1996, the album Milva canta un Nuovo Brecht produced by Jimmy Bowien was released in Germany. She sang the second movement of Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, as well as an interpretation of Ombra mai fu, the opening aria from the 1738 opera Serse, by George Frideric Händel. [138], On 2 June 2007, in Rome, Milva was made Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Ordine al merito della Repubblica italiana), the highest ranking honour and most senior order of the Republic of Italy, an honour bestowed upon her by President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, for her "intense and luminous career" during which she went from music to theatre performances, cinema, to lyric opera. [31], She also released the live album Milva in Seoul, an album released in South Korea of a concert held in Seoul in the accompaniment of the Korean Broadcasting System Symphony Orchestra. She has performed at La Scala in Milan, at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, at the Paris Opera, in the Royal Albert Hall in London, and at the Edinburgh Festival, amongst others.[4]. Sestra Letizia - još veća ljubav) je italijanski crno-bijeli igrani film snimljen 1956. u režiji Marija Camerinija.Po žanru je drama, a naslovni lik, koji tumači Anna Magnani, je katolička redovnica koja nakon službe u afričkim misijama dolazi u Kampaniju brinuti se o siročadi. Mursia, 2010; … Az albumon hallható a Phil Collins által írt Looking for an Angel című duettje.. Dalok. Milva also duetted with Lai on the song Oltre le colline. : "Cocaine" , "Dream of Death" , "Just Enough to Cover a Thumbnail"), Murder Always Gathers Momentum, 1940 (tit.alt. – Dieci canzoni di Franco Battiato. [16], In January 1965, Milva released the multilingual studio album Canti della libertà, an album in which she sang revolutionary songs and songs of freedom, including the national anthem of France, La Marseilleise, written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle,[17] and La Carmagnole, a French song created and made popular during the French Revolution. Fai una donazione; Informazioni su Wikipedia; Avvertenze; Ricerca. It was released in Germany. In 1986, Milva returned to collaborating with Greek composer Vangelis, five years after her success with Ich hab' keine Angst and Moi, je n'ai pas peur. "La beauté d'Hippolyte" (France: French title) [59], In 1983, Milva hosted an episode of the Italian variety show Al paradise, a television series directed by Antonello Falqui. Soner piano e oa he zad. [126], In 1999, Milva released Stark sein, a studio album produced by Chris Flanger and Isabel Silverstone and sung in the German language. Puoi scommetterci la pelle, in New York Blues, Una notte a New York, in Sei notti di mistero, GM 2201, 1991, L'ultimo valzer, in Angeli nel buio, Mondadori, 1978, Sono pericolosa stasera, in Musica dalle tenebre, Mondadori, 1982, La lampada della memoria, in Musica dalle tenebre, Mondadori, 1982, Morte in ascensore, in Ossessione, Mondadori, 1990 (tit.alt. Milva interpreted his compositions in French, Italian and Spanish. Una canzone (1981) Una casa in cima al mondo (1966) Una donna, una storia (1970) Una lunga storia d'amore (1989) Una mezza dozzina di rose (1969) Una musica va (1974) Una ragazza in due (1977) Una zebra a pois (1960) Und dann (1974) Uno (1966) Uomo (1971) Uomo ferito (1992) Upa neguinho (1970) Uscita 29 (1989) Uvas Maduras (2007) V [13][14] Milva also recorded the songs from the EP in Spanish, releasing the Spanish-language EP Milva canta en español, which was released in Spain. She also duetted with Italian singer Al Bano Carrisi, recording a new version of Io di notte, in German and in Italian under the title Zuviel nachte ohne dich (Io di notte), a duet of a song that both singers had individually recorded at the end of the 1960s. In 1965, a fortunate meeting led to a definitive change in her career: Italian director Giorgio Strehler helped to develop her skills in staging and singing in Italian theatres (especially the Piccolo Teatro in Milan) and she began to perform a more committed repertoire, including songs of the Italian resistance movement, songs from Bertolt Brecht's pieces). [146], On 2 March 2012, Milva released the German single Der Mensch, der Dich liebt, a single containing two songs composed by Sascha Merlin and Kersten Kenan.[147]. [145], In 2011, Milva released the Italian album La Variante di Lüneburg [Fabula in Musica], composed by Valter Sivilotti and written by Paolo Maurensig, in which she performed with actor Walter Mramor the songs from the musical La Variante di Lüneburg. [68], In April 1985 Milva participated in the Italian supergroup Musicaitalia per l'Etiopia, recording Domenico Modugno's Volare (Nel blù di pinto di blù) as part of a fundraising effort for the benefit of those affected by the 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia. a.k.a. Racconti di Cornell Woolrich. In the album, Milva covered Amália Rodrigues' fado song Canção do mar in German, titled as Das ja zum Leben. [74] It was released in Argentina as Tra Due Sogni – Entre Dos Sueños on the Polydor label in 1987. imported from Wikimedia project. a.k.a. Her performance earned her second place in the competition and the single that followed reached number one on the Italian charts. [103] Two songs from the German and Japanese editions of the album, Se ti va and Le ombre del giardino, written by G. Conte and Natale Massara, were used as the opening and closing theme songs of the 1993 Italian mini television series Private Crimes (Delitti privati). In 1990, the album was re-released in Japan. [129], In 2001, Milva released the German studio album Artisti, in which she performed songs in German, Italian, Spanish and Latin. (UK: festival title), a.k.a. Italian Wikipedia. The album was published in Argentina, Japan, France, Germany and Italy. Le cose che vivi: 1998: Un’emergenza d’amore In assenza di te La mia risposta Che bene mi fai. Sen kiertuehistoriaan kirjattiin Euroopan lisäksi muun muassa Japani ja Etelä-Amerikka.Duo tunnetaan myös nimellä Al Bano & Romina. : È arrivato l'esattore), The Fatal Footlights, 1941 (tit.alt. [57], Later in the year, Milva released the German studio album Immer mehr,[58] as well as the live double album Das Konzert. The release of singles Die Kraft unserer Liebe/Du bist ein Freund and Nein – Ich ergeb mich nicht/Rosa soon followed. "They've Killed Her!" [112], Beginning in 1994, Milva once again collaborated with Greek composer Thanos Mikroutsikos, releasing the studio album Volpe d'amore (Milva sings Thanos Mikroutsikos), an album featuring music composed by the composer and sung completely in Italian, with the exception of one song, Thalassa, which she sang in Greek. Two music videos to accompany the song were later recorded and released in May 1990 as part of the fundraising effort.[92]. [22], During the same year, Milva appeared in the Italian film Appuntamento in Riviera, a musical comedy directed by Mario Mattoli. [87], In 1989, Milva returned to collaborating with composer Franco Battiato, producing a total of three studio albums containing synth-pop arrangements, in which Milva sings in Italian, Spanish, French and German. [84] Vento di Mezzanotte also appeared on the Italian album Milva, published under the Ricordi label, in the same year. Milva also recorded the album in Spanish, with the album released as Una historia inventada, released in Spain later that year. The title track featured a choir, differing it from Il canto di un'eneide diversa, its Italian-language counterpart. In the following years she starred in Giorgio Strehler's production of Brecht's The Threepenny Opera which was performed in several cities of Western Europe. In 1996, Milva released Fammi Luce – Milva ha incontrato Shinji, an album written by and recorded in collaboration with Japanese composer Shinji Tanimura. This is a chronologically ordered list of Sanremo Music Festival contests in which Milva has entered. [127][128] The duet also appeared on Al Bano's 1999 compilation album Grazie (Meine Schönsten Lieder – Meine Größten Erfolge). "Gesualdo: Death for Five Voices" (International: English title), Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic — Paris, 11 September 2009, Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic — Rome, by President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, 2 June 2007, Officer of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany — Berlin, 2006, Officier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres — Paris, 1995, Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic, Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Officer of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Korean Broadcasting System Symphony Orchestra, National Order of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic, List of Légion d'honneur recipients by name, List of foreign recipients of the Légion d'Honneur, List of members of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, "Milva tifa per Nichi Vendola | GayPrider", "TV: MILVA "HO PAGATO PER AVER DETTO CIO' CHE PENSAVO, "IMDB.com: Awards for La bellezza di Ippolita", "Milva & Claudio Villa – Da Il Cantatutto Con Milva & Villa", "Milva – Le Canzoni Del Tabarin – Canzoni Da Cortile", "Milva – Milva Singt Tangos Deutsch Und Italienisch", "Milva & Gino Bramieri & I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni – Angeli in Bandiera", "Milva – Milva On Stage (Live at Tokyo Sankei Hall)", "Milva – Ennio Morricone – Dedicato A Milva Da Ennio Morricone", "MILVA CANTA ENNIO MORRICONE: LA CALIFFA", "Milva & Francis Lai – Sognavo Amore Mio", "Milva – Schön War's Heute Abend (Milva Singt Robert Stolz)", "Quando Milva non-aveva paura (grazie a Vangelis)", "Milva – Ich Hab' Keine Angst / Christine", "Milva – Die Sieben Todsünden Der Kleinbürger – The Seven Deadly Sins – Les Sept Péchés Capitaux", "Milva And Astor Piazzolla – Live at the Bouffes Du Nord", http://www.discogs.com/Milva-Tra-Due-Sogni/master/271632, "Milva – Tra Due Sogni – Entre Dos Sueños", "Milva – Canto A Lloret / Canto A Lloret / Blue Notte", "Milva – Canto A Lloret / Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall", "Milva – Una Storia Inventata [Eine Erfundene Geschichte]", "Festival di Sanremo 2006 – Festivaldisanremo.com – Il sito Indipendente sul Festival di Sanremo", "Ein Kommen und Gehen – Milva – Songs, Reviews, Credits", "Milva – Gefühl Und Verstand / Gefühl & Verstand", "Milva – Ich Weiss Es Selber Nicht Genau", "E MILVA LA ROSSA DIVENTA ' ZAZA' ' – la Repubblica.it", "Milva – Im Schatten der Träume – hitparade.ch", "Milva / James Last – Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz", "James Last – Nimm Mich Mit, Käpt'n James, Auf Die Reise", "Milva – Milva Canta Thanos Mikroutsikos", "Thanos Mikroutsikos – Milva – Volpe D'Amore – Αλεπού Της Αγάπης", "Milva attrice per Herzog 'Sarò la vittima di Gesualdo, "Il ritorno di Milva applauso e mondanità, "Milva – Fammi Luce – Milva Ha Incontrato Shinji", "MILANO SALUTA STREHLER – la Repubblica.it", "√ La "bella Napoli" di Milva: non è una pizzeria...", "Αλέξια . The musical release was part of the promotional Café chantant volumes distributed to the public by the Italian coffee manufacturer Lavazza. [24], In September 1970, Milva performed concerts at Sankei Hall, in Tokyo, Japan, accompanied by Nobuo Hara and his big band, the Sharps & Flats. [19] In 1975, the album was reissued as Milva singt Tangos deutsch und italienisch. Tre omicidi per uno, in Giallo a tempo di swing, The Body in Grant's Tomb, 1943 (tit.alt. 2014 television film directed by Stefano Reali. CD 1 DVD. [140] The knighthood was conferred upon her by French ambassador to Italy, Jean-Marc de La Sablière, who presented the honour to her at a ceremony held on 11 September 2009 at the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. 10-ott-2020 - Pensieri e immagini d'amore per i libri e la lettura, bibliofilia, libridine, collezionismo. original broadcaster. "Gesualdo, thanatos gia pente fones" (Greece: festival title) a.k.a. [47], In 1979, Milva released the studio album Wenn wir uns Wiederseh'n, a German-language album that consisted of songs written by Austrian songwriter, composer and conductor Robert Stolz. "Accessory to Murder" , "Two Fellows in a Furnished Room"), U, As In Murder, 1941 (tit.alt.

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